Video recording

For students and young professionals.

Rate: £50 per aria/song 


I request a two-aria minimum booking; but you can share your booking with someone else, and record one aria each, for example.


Videos produced under this rate will match standard audition requirements, i.e. a complete take (with one fixed camera angle). The price is inclusive of the recording session itself (for which I bring and operate all the necessary professional equipment) and all post-production, which comprises: 


  • Balancing and mixing the sound (this is the most important and time-consuming bit - making sure you sound your best!)

  • Colour grading the video (so that you also look your best!)

  • Titles and performer information added to the video 

  • Finished video files (MP4 format) of each piece at 4K resolution


You will need to book a pianist and a venue (please see FAQs below). 


Once finished, the videos will belong to you to use as you wish, but please credit me if you display them publicly. I also retain the right to ask very nicely if I can use a video for my own publicity purposes! But I’ll never display it without your permission.


Audio-only recording


For students and young professionals.

Rate:  £35 per aria/song


I request a two-aria minimum booking; but you can share your booking with someone else, and record one aria each, for example.


The price is inclusive of the recording session itself and post production. You will receive the finished tracks in MP3 format, unless a different format is preferred. 


Please note, this audio package works on the assumption of complete takes.

I can also produce edited audio (i.e. spliced together from multiple takes). Please get in touch and we can discuss rates depending on your requirements.

Special Projects


Perhaps you need something a little more creative from your video - something for promotional purposes, perhaps, or anything else you can dream up? Get in touch using the contact page - I'd be delighted to discuss what we could do together! I have included a selection of my recent creative work on the portfolio page of this site; feel free to browse.


How long does it take?


Most singers tend to record three pieces, and for this I recommend a two-hour recording session; it takes approximately 15/20 minutes for me to set everything up, do a sound check etc. We can do as many takes as you like during the session; for safety, it's important to have a minimum of two per piece, even if you ace it on the first go (which does happen!). Most people find more than three takes of each piece results in diminishing returns! 


In terms of delivering the finished product, I will work to your deadlines as best I can; though it is safe to allow a minimum of two days between session and an application deadline! 


How do I get hold of the finished videos?


I can upload the finished files directly to your YouTube channel (if that’s helpful). Otherwise, WeTransfer is normally the best way of delivering the files to you. 


Do you play the piano for the session?


Regretfully, no. While it’s true that one of my other ‘hats’ is that of a professional collaborative pianist, (see biog) it’s really more responsible of me to monitor the equipment during recording! But I have many excellent colleagues to recommend if you are stuck for an accompanist!


Can you book the recording venue?


I am happy to recommend some places, on request, but handling the booking is the responsibility of the singer. 


Do make sure the venue is as quiet as possible, has good light (windows and some natural light are always a plus!), and a decent piano; these things don't need to be absolutely perfect, but do bear in mind that these things may effect the finished videos! 


Can you burn the videos onto DVD?


Yes, for a surcharge of £2 per disc.


Can you send me the audio from the videos?


Yes, I can send you the audio from all your video recordings for a surcharge of £5 (calculated on the basis of three videos)


Cancellation policy


I respect that illness or such can easily prevent a singer performing at their best, so I am very happy to accommodate re-arranging the date of a session at no extra charge, provided 24 hours notice is given. Ideally, let me know as soon as you can if you feel illness is threatening to derail your session!


If rearrangement (or complete cancellation) is requested at less than 24 hours notice, I regretfully will invoice for half the cost of your booking. In exceptional circumstances, I may consider this ‘half the cost’ redeemable against a future booking.